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    BlackBag’s forensic software exists to provide solutions for challenging data retrieval,
    thereby empowering our customers to seek, reveal, and preserve the truth.

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"In the past my agency had outsourced the forensic evaluations to other agencies for lack of anyone trained here to do them. In speaking with other agencies, I was introduced to the BlackBag Technologies operating system and I was very curious about the gaps that could be filled in our extractions and reports. In November 2015 we had a very large case that involved 27 separate pieces of electronic evidence. As a result of the lack of software and let's be honest, knowledge and experience of yours truly, I reached out to Hal Harris from BlackBag to assist me. Not only did he come to our office for several days in a row, he explained things, and absolutely impressed the entire division with his knowledge and desire to assist. He has continued to provide support and to give me advice on products, equipment and other items I need to move forward. We are in the process of getting the BlackBag licenses we need and I have used the Mobilyze program in multiple cases to get results I could not have otherwise obtained. This has been an eye opening experience about the different advantages multiple programs can bring to the table and fantastic service that your team can provide! "

McKindra Bibb, Detective

Anderson County Sheriff's Office

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