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"I recently used Mobilyze on a Alcatel (Android v 5.10) in an actual "who dunit" murder case. Although I am a digital evidence forensic examiner and I have access to numerous tools, I recently had a case where Mobilyze saved the day and helped make a "who dunit" murder a solvable case in short order. The time savings and ease of use of Mobilyze significantly reduced analysis time and quickly got us onto the bad guys. In the same case I discovered that Mobilyze can be used on locked Apple devices to identify the iOS version. This allowed me to determine if I could use IP Box or svStrike to bruit force the screen lock PIN code. In this case the phone was running iOS v 7 and within a few hours svStrike unlocked the phone and I completed an extraction with Mobilyze. Thank you BlackBag Tech!"

Colin Fagan, CFCE, Detective Sergeant

Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force

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