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"I was recently asked by another law enforcement agency to assist in an investigation of theirs that required a phone to be examined. The suspect was trespassing, and when confronted, fled from the police. At that time he threw narcotics and a firearm from his person, which were later recovered by the arresting officer, who caught the suspect, and placed him into custody. The suspect claimed that the firearm wasn't his. The suspect's personal cell phone, which was on him at the time of the arrest, was taken into evidence. The phone was an LG MS-770. It had a severely cracked/damaged screen, and was locked using a pattern pass code. I was unable to use any other software while trying to crack the pass code, so I decided to just try and hook it up to my MacBook Pro with Mobilyze. Even with the pattern pass code enabled, I was able to do a limited extraction using Mobilyze and recover a Snapchat video from the suspects phone showing a subject resembling the suspect firing a firearm resembling the one recovered on scene. We were very impressed with Mobilyze's capabilities, as we have been since we began using it."

R. Whiteside, Detective

City of Troy Police Department

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