Essential Forensic Solutions

BlackBag provides essential computer forensic software and solutions that protect and analyze digital evidence to help you resolve criminal, civil and internal investigations.

Law Enforcement

When you need to quickly uncover the facts and identify leads, reach for our solutions.


Federal Agencies

Extract actionable intelligence to ensure your Government can scale to threats.



From security threats to HR complaints, uncover the data you need to protect your organization.



Respond to incidents with comprehensive, easy to use tools to solve each client’s unique needs.


Resources & Updates

Learn from BlackBag experts through webinars, case studies, blogs, and tips and tricks.

The People Behind BlackBag

Our people are what make us great. With hundreds of years of combined experience in law enforcement,
forensics research and development, and corporate investigations, our team understands forensics.

  • Ben Charnota

    Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

    Enables law enforcement officers, government officials, and corporate digital examiners to ensure they have the tools they need to successfully reveal the truth and create a safer world.

  • Stephanie Thompson

    Solutions Engineer

    Supports both government and corporate customers by helping them become comfortable and confident with our tools.

  • Justin Matsuhara

    Team Lead, Solutions Engineer

    Assists customers with determining which digital forensic solution fits their current workflow.

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