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"I recently pulled a case I had conducted back in October 2015 using BlackLight 2015 R3. When I opened this case I updated it to BlackLight 2016.1, but the .pdf's I had tagged didn't show in the preview pane. I could see the files metadata verifying it existed and that it had a physical size, but it would not render in my preview pane or when I generated a report. I started reviewing a sampling of .pdf's and had the same problem... I called BlackBag's Bob Petrachek and described the problem to him. Bob took the time to problem solve this issue with me and we finally realized that opening the case with the original version solved all of my problems. Bob advised me when updating to a new version of BlackLight to keep the older version on my machine, just in case this type of issue arises. This was a life saver for me because of the new Cal ECPA requirements, I can't access the original machine and start all over. I would have lost valuable evidence which could have possibly made a workable investigation into a non-workable. Thanks again to Bob Petrachek at BlackBag for the great customer service and his hands-on knowledge of his product."

Stephen Litwin, Detective


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