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"Our department was contacted in regards to a sexual assault. The complainant, a young female, reported that on multiple occasions she was harassed and assaulted by a male actor. The male actor in question was also reportedly her friend during this time. After voluntarily allowing our department to utilize BlackLight on the cellular device, we quickly found discrepancies in the victim's story. Thanks to the thorough display of deleted text messages that were easily filtered between the subjects involved, we ascertained that in fact the assaults in question were not assaults at all, but mutual encounters. Had we not utilized BlackLight for our mobile forensics in this case, the male subject in question would not have had any witnesses or evidence corroborating that these were mutual encounters. The likely outcome of the male party in this case would have resulted in unnecessary court proceedings in order to determine the truth. The male would likely have had irreparable damage to his character following this incident. BlackLight is credited with finding the truth behind the lies in this case, and preventing false prosecution."

Tim Waibel, Cyber Forensics

Adams Twp. Police Dept.

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