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    BlackBag’s forensic software exists to provide solutions for challenging data retrieval,
    thereby empowering our customers to seek, reveal, and preserve the truth.

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"I learned about BlackLight several years ago and was fortunate to attend a 3-day training session where I obtained certification. A few things immediately stood out with the training and the instructors. The scenarios that were created were realistic, and the goal was not just to "learn the tool", but rather it was to conduct a thorough forensic analysis. The interface and reporting features are the best I have used, and moving case files to external media and installing updates do not require any special procedures. Another thing I found unique with this company was the level of personal attention that they provide, as well as actually implementing suggestions in updates (which occur every few months). Finally, with the ability to analyze mobile devices and PC images this program does everything I could possibly want. Keep up the good work and great customer service."

Kevin, Officer

Stamford Police Department

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