Apple iCloud Production Processing Service

Processing Service

For Apple iCloud Production Sets

BlackBag is committed to providing investigators the ability to analyze devices; including data returned from Apple as the result of a legal process. The user’s iCloud data contains much of what investigators would expect to find in an iTunes but also includes additional data like email  Having worked on Apple devices for over a decade, BlackBag has developed a process to extract and best prepare Apple production data for review.

For more information on how iCloud production sets can be used in your investigation watch Ben Charnota, our Chief Customer Officer describe the process.

For information about how to submit a legal process request from Apple from within the U.S., visit their site here. If you’re outside the U.S., visit here.

For more information and guidelines for submitting a legal request, visit here. 

BlackLight customers can request to process their first 5 devices without charge.

Please reach out to your account manager for more details on the Apple iCloud Production Processing service and to see how we can help.