The Launch of Mobilyze

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Mobilyze, our new ultra-fast mobile data triage tool, capable of acquiring data from both Android and iOS devices. We created Mobilyze after several ride-alongs and countless conversations with customers who expressed a growing need for something to address the mountain of smartphones backlogged in evidence. More than anything, this is what Mobilyze was built for. Mobilyze is a tool that we are extremely proud of and we think it carries enormous value as an addition to any forensic toolkit. Listed below are a few distinguishing features that users can take advantage of with Mobilyze:

* Start viewing and filtering data in real time as it is being acquired
* Unplug your device during acquisition and Mobilyze will preserve all of the data collected to that point
* Acquire everything or specifically choose which applications to collect from
* Generate a court-ready Mobilyze Report in PDF or HTML
* Import directly into the next release of BlackLight, BlackBag’s comprehensive forensic analysis software

Through its incredibly simple and intuitive user experience, Mobilyze allows users of all technical abilities to quickly ascertain whether a device contains relevant forensic evidence, whether immediate action needs to be taken, and/or whether the device needs to be sent to a forensics lab for a comprehensive analysis. It is specifically designed so that it can be useful for Investigators, Detectives, Parole Officers, Border Agents, Field Investigators, Forensic Examiners, and more. Plus, Mobilyze is capable of running on both Mac and Windows, so it can be used in most any office.

Mobilyze launches in parallel with Mobilyze Tool Training (MTT), a new two-hour course that is free for customers. Offered both online and in the classroom, MTT features a hands-on curriculum that will help students feel confident in using the software right away. In addition, the course culminates with an opportunity to take a Mobilyze proficiency certification exam, which is available only through this course. As always, our esteemed team of Forensic Analysts and Instructors are available during the course and afterward for individual consultation.

If you want to learn more or try Mobilyze for yourself, you can click here to visit our Mobilyze webpage or you can email our team of Forensic Analysts and Instructors ( and they will gladly answer any and all questions.

Carpe Datum,
The BlackBag Team

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