BlackLight 2015 R1 Available Now

BlackLight 2015 R1 is an extremely unique release for BlackBag, and it offers examiners a wide range of diverse features spanning the forensic analysis spectrum. Amongst many other additions and improvements, our development team has worked extremely hard on speeding up processing times, and ensuring that our Project VIC and C4All integration is the best we can offer. Beyond our own team, a well-deserved ‘thank you’ goes to the countless customers and friends of the company who lent a hand with beta testing and offered valuable feedback to make these features possible.
Project VIC and C4All
Perhaps one of the most exciting additions in this release is our integration of PhotoDNA support for Project VIC. If you’re not familiar, Project VIC has built an impressive information sharing system to help law enforcement agencies worldwide to better streamline the image review process, allowing investigators and forensic examiners to focus more on identifying and saving child victims from further abuse. Using PhotoDNA or hash databases, examiners can easily locate and categorize media of interest, and quickly tag and export for reporting. Customers and enthusiasts have been asking for this functionality for some time, and we’re very pleased to have been able to provide a seamless solution. It’s been a pleasure working alongside the Project VIC team to incorporate feature this into our technology, and thank both them and our partners at NCMEC for allowing us to proliferate the use of this extremely noble program.
To complement what we’ve done with Project VIC, we’ve also made sure to include Categorizer For All (C4All) compatibility as well. Along with being able to analyze Mac and Windows computer natively, examiners using BlackLight can connect to their C4All database and analyze iOS and Android devices, and then export those results into the necessary C4All format.
Faster iOS Acquisition
We know that because of the overwhelming workload most examiners are experiencing, time is constantly of the essence. As we talked with examiners about obstacles they face in their daily casework, the biggest concern they expressed was acquisition speed. We’ve listened, taken the same acquisition framework used by Mobilyze, and brought it into BlackLight. As BlackBag’s iOS and Android triage tool, Mobilyze is built for speed –– and bringing the power behind that iOS acquisition to our full-scale analysis software means seeing results quickly and spending less time waiting!


.ithmbs, ithmbs.db and Quick Look Cache Thumbnail Support
For iOS investigators, we’ve added support for .ithmbs, thumbs.db and Quick Look cache thumbnails - being able to recover these items means the examiner may be able to locate media that may have been deleted or hidden from a standard view. We’ve been developing this particular piece for some time, and applied an early version of this technology while working on a sensitive case with a large law enforcement agency. And when that same technology was the key to making sure justice was served, we knew it needed to be a part of BlackLight.


Windows Analysis
BlackLight 2015 R1 also marks the first stage in our 2015 push towards making BlackLight a true primary analysis tool, capable of handling a diverse caseload. In BlackLight 2015 R1, BlackLight users will be able to take advantage of new key Windows features, such as shellbag analysis, jump list analysis, and .lnk file analysis. With this new functionality, examiners will be able to uncover key pieces of Windows data that reveal a much clearer picture of user activity, and all within a single analysis tool.
Additional Features
  • Ability to view embedded .plist data and .jpg pictures from within .plists
  • Hex View - File slack space Is colorized for easy recognition
  • Disk View - Apply color overlays to describe data types
What Next?
If you’re currently a BlackLight user, make sure you’re running the latest and greatest with 2015 R1.
  1. Check for Updates - Launch BlackLight and select the [BlackLight] menu (Mac) or the [Help] menu (Windows) and select the [Check for Updates] submenu option.
  2. Download Update from the Web - Click the link to the left, log into your customer web account, and select either BlackLight Win Download or BlackLight Mac Download, depending on your operating system.
…and if you’re not, we’d love to send you a fully-functional trial, and have you give it a try on your next case!
Finally, but certainly most importantly, be sure to keep in touch! We’ve even aded a great new way for you to share your experiences with us via our Success Stories page!



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