BlackBag Forensic Training Leads to Arrest in Jordan

BlackBag in JordanLast November, we partnered with UNICEF to provide computer forensic training to the Jordanian Police Family Protection Department. Two of our forensic analysts flew to Jordan  to provide the training, as well as train them on our comprehensive analysis software, BlackLight. We were thrilled to learn that this training provided them with the tools necessary to arrest a suspected child pornography distributor.

According to the Jordan News Agency Petra, the Jordanian Family Protection Department worked with Interpol to identify a person accused of sharing pornographic pictures and videos of children. The suspect was located and the laptop in possession was seized. With the tools and training provided by BlackBag, a UNICEF employee expressed, they were able to examine the suspect’s laptop and found incriminating evidence. The suspect was later arrested and the case is now in the judicial system.

Cases like these encourage us to continue to provide high-quality tools and training that is also affordable, so law enforcement all over the world can successfully investigate criminal activity, and bring the guilty to justice. We offer many certified training classes, or to request personalized forensics training in your area, please contact us at

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