BlackLight 2017 Coming Soon!

BlackBag Technologies is excited to announce the continued development of BlackLight, with the 2017 release due in early November. BlackLight continues to offer digital examiners and the forensics community the most comprehensive Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac forensics analysis software.

With the 2017 release coming soon, BlackLight 2017 R1 will give examiners more powerful forensic analysis capabilities than ever before.

The improvements in BlackLight 2017 R1 will help examiners:

  • Solve more cases, faster
  • Save investigation time and resources
  • Reduce the backlog of examinations, and increase turnaround
  • Enhance the integration of forensic workflows
  • Easily export to other forensic tools and databases

Forensic examiners are faced with unprecedented demand and BlackLight has always helped examiners maximize their time and efforts in discovering relevant evidence. The new features and improvements in the 2017 release of this forensic software push these investigative capabilities further and include:

  • New filesystem parsers built on The Sleuth Kit® library
  • File hashing changes
  • Android Oreo 8.0 support
  • iOS 11 support
  • LACE, Project VIC, and C4All data model exports
  • CSV report format
  • Export case data as XML
  • Parse Recent Items for Mac OS 10.12

Forensic examiners trust the proven ability of the BlackLight to quickly analyze computer volumes and mobile devices. Helping investigators eliminate wasted time and find relevant evidence faster, BlackLight sheds light on user actions and includes analysis of memory images, as well as varied data structures such as Time Machine backup files, virtual images, and Windows Registry files.

The power of the forensic software allows examiners to easily search, filter and sift through large data sets. BlackLight runs on Windows and Mac OS X and can analyze data from all four major platforms within one easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Look out for more details on the new features and improvements in BlackLight 2017 R1 published soon.

Not using BlackLight yet? Find out more about this smart, comprehensive and trusted forensic analysis software by contacting a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.

To upgrade to the latest version of BlackLight 2017 on release, please contact the BlackBag Sales Team.

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