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BlackBag Teams Up with 504ensics

We have some exciting news to share with our friends, customers, and partners.  Effective February 1, we have officially welcomed Vico Marziale and Joe Sylve  of 504ensics into the BlackBag Technologies family.  BlackBag and 504ensics have been working together for some time now, sharing complimentary expertise and, more formally, collaborating on our new triage product, Mobilyze.  In particular, 504ensics helped develop some of the new Android acquisition functionality, which has drawn significant praise from a number of customers.

Most in the forensic community know Joe for his work in Android and memory forensics.  He holds both a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science with concentrations in Information Assurance from the University of New Orleans, and is also a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst. He is the author of LiME Forensics, the first tool set that allows full physical memory acquisition from Android devices. He is also the developer of Dalvik Inspector, a tool which facilitates deep, standalone analysis of Android application-internal structures.

Vico holds a PhD in digital forensics from the University of New Orleans and is a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst.  Many in the forensic community will know him via his extensive work on the Scalpel file carver as well as Registry Decoder, a tool for forensic analysis of the Windows registry.  He has also taught graduate-level courses in computer security and cryptography.

Joe and Vico founded 504ensics to help the New Orleans law enforcement and private sector forensic communities navigate the ever-growing challenges of digital forensics and cyber security.  They have supported their customers by conducting hundreds of forensic investigations, pen testing assignments, malware analysis, and research and development projects. Between them, Joe and Vico have presented research at several conferences, including Black Hat Arsenal, (multiple) BSides, DFRWS, DOD Cybercrime, ShmooCon, RSA, OSDF, and OMFW. In their spare time, they’ve authored and co-authored tools—primarily open source—to support the community, such as Scalpel, Registry Decoder, LiME, Spotlight Inspector, and DAMM.

Through our ongoing partnership, it quickly became clear that BlackBag and 504ensics shared similar goals, values, and most importantly a philosophy about how best to address the needs and challenges in the forensic community.  The idea of combining our efforts was immediately appealing to both sides.  As part of BlackBag’s new presence in New Orleans, Joe and Vico will significantly enhance BlackBag’s capabilities with their expertise in Windows, Android, and memory forensics, and in return, we can offer them the resources to help solve the challenges of forensic professionals on a much larger scale.

While their specific skills are an obvious complement to our historical Mac and iOS expertise, it is their passion for digital forensics that makes Joe and Vico such a perfect fit with the BlackBag team.  Plus, they are simply great guys, and we are thrilled that they chose BlackBag as their new home to put their incredible talents to work.  Welcome aboard!

Carpe Datum,

The BlackBag Team

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