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BlackLight & Mobilyze Support iOS 10 & Windows 10 AE Memory

apple iOS 10The release of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iOS 10, brings new challenges for the digital forensic community. With the constant stream of new technology, we are working hard to provide the most current software to support all the internal changes. It’s important that we continue to support devices and systems that our customers encounter in the field. We are pleased to announce the release of BlackLight 2016 R2.1 and Mobilyze 2016 R1.1, featuring iOS 10 support!


September 13, 2016 Apple officially released iOS10. With this release Apple has made changes to the structure of backups created by iTunes on a computer, this change has affected the way in which forensic tools acquire iOS devices running iOS 10.  Both BlackLight 2016 R2.1 and Mobilyze 2016 R1.1 have been updated to handle devices running iOS 10.
A known limitation for BlackLight 2016 R2.1 is the ingestion of an iTunes backup of an iOS 10 device with backup encryption enabled.


Microsoft recently released the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10.  This release slightly changed the way in which the Windows operating system handles RAM memory.  BlackLight 2016R2.1 is now capable of processing and analyzing live memory dumps from computers running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
A known limitation for BlackLight 2016 R2.1 is process names from later versions of Windows 10 v1511 may not display correctly. BlackLight 2016 R3, coming soon, will display this properly.

Additional Improvements

There are also improvements to the “Add Evidence” window, MMS attachments, and updated drivers. View the release notes to see the full changes. Windows users will need to install updated driver packs or have the latest version of iTunes installed.

To see how our software works with iOS 10, contact our Forensic Analyst and Instructor team for a fully-funcitonal trial license.


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