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BlackLight PDF Reports Containing Apple Emojis Workaround for Windows

As many well know, Apple and Microsoft products are not always easily compatible. We have discovered that some Apple emojis found on Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices are not recognizable on a Windows OS. This might interfere with Windows users trying to generate a BlackLight PDF report that contains Apple emoji characters.
The following is a workaround that only requires a few extra steps:

1. Choose HTML for the Report format and open the HTML using Google Chrome web browser

2. Click on Google Chrome menu located in the upper right-hand corner and select Print

Print BlackLight report

3. Click on Change button and select ‘Save as PDF’

Save as PDF BlackLight report

4. Click on the Save button

Save BlackLight report
Note: FireFox and Internet Explorer can also be used to convert HTML to PDF. This issue does not impact Mobilyze users.

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