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Fighting Back. Data model exports from BlackLight – LACE, Project VIC and C4All

BlackLight 2017 R1 brings improved exporting of evidence to the LACE, Project VIC and C4All data models. By providing integrated support for exporting to these widely used tools, examiners involved in child exploitation cases will save time and be able to focus their resources more effectively. Evidence that contains pictures and videos can be exported to LACE, Project VIC (v1.1, v1.2 and v1.3) and C4All formats, and then imported into the respective utility for further processing. Efficiently processing and identifying known images means you can focus your investigation on uncategorized pictures and videos, and identify unknown victims more rapidly.
Here at BlackBag Technologies, we recognize the importance of forensic tools and databases working collaboratively in the fight against crimes involving children and child exploitation. For examiners unfamiliar with the incredible LACE, Project VIC and C4All resources, here’s a brief description on each one.


LACE enables investigators to efficiently categorize large amounts of image and video data from confiscated computers, dramatically reducing the time and resources required to bring a case to court. Using advanced biometric analysis, faces found in images are automatically extracted and compiled to create lists of victims and suspects that can be matched against existing facial databases. LACE comes in a client-server configuration that allows multiple investigators and analysts to work simultaneously from their own desk on their own cases, and in a unique Case Allocation capability that allows multiple investigators to all work on the same case at the same time.

Project VIC

Project VIC is a global partnership that uses advanced technology to fight child sexual exploitation and trafficking. Using new forensic and data analytics tools, Project VIC identifies new victims of abuse and locates perpetrators around the globe. More than 2,500 law enforcement agencies in 40 countries use the technology developed by Project VIC’s partners to rescue child victims, apprehend offenders and secure crime scenes. Project VIC compiled all existing online child abuse images into a single repository. Each image, whether still or video, has a unique identifier known as a “hash value.” Using the hash value allows investigators to quickly rule images in or out of their searches. Project VIC participants have also organized and compiled detailed lists of their own images using these hash values.


Categorizer For All, or C4All, is a staple tool used worldwide in the investigation of child exploitation media. Once an examiner has acquired all the necessary evidence in a case, C4All can be used to quickly compare pictures and videos found in that evidence against an expansive database comprised of known file hashes of photos and videos containing child exploitation content. Once processing in BlackLight has been completed, the case files are exported to a C4All package and can then be provided to a trained child exploitation investigator, who can categorizes the files based on their relevance to the investigation.
Here at BlackBag Technologies, we are proud to work with law enforcement, child protective services and other professionals working directly with child victims of crime.
Stay tuned for more details on the new features and improvements in BlackLight 2017 R1 coming soon.
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