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Forensics Isn’t Always Free, but Sometimes….

I’m really excited to share with you that BlackBag has created a handful of software tools that are available free of charge to current BlackBag software and training customers, and MiCFE certified professionals! We have been using some of these tools in-house for years and some have been recently created or updated per customer feedback and ideas.
All of them are useful! For instance, one of my personal favorites is DMG Rename (newly updated version coming soon!), which allows a user to rename an image file created with imaging tools that do not support the .dmg (Mac OS) naming convention.  A user can take raw .001 segmented files and automatically rename them to the correct .dmg convention necessary to mount an image directly on a Mac system.  It can also take .dmg files and rename them to raw .001 files.  Obviously this is not a big deal with one or two images, but with caseloads of 100+ images, this becomes very useful, very quickly.
Another favorite is DMG Correct.  Some iPhone imaging tools image the whole device, leaving the resulting image in a state where it can’t be mounted by the Mac OS.  This tool will correct the partitioning structure so that both the System and Data partitions can be mounted.  You should use a copy of the original whole device dmg, as the dmg is modified for mounting purposes. It will also lock the dmg’s.
Several of these tools are available here.
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