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Issues Acquiring Certain LG Devices

In working with various Law Enforcement agencies, we have recently learned of investigators having issues acquiring certain LG smartphone models. A specific LG driver is needed to acquire these devices.

We are already in the process of updating the drivers pack for our next releases of BlackLight and Mobilyze to include the necessary LG driver, but in the meantime the issue bears mentioning. As always, we want to try to head off any known roadblocks in the interest of making investigations easier.

Which Users Are Affected?

Investigators using BlackLight or Mobilyze on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms are affected by this issue.

Which LG Devices Are Involved?

To date the following models have been identified as part of this issue: LG G3, LG G Stylo, LG MS345, and LG VK700.
The USB driver is identical amongst these models, and the driver can be downloaded from the following page:

Also on LG’s website, users are able to search for any LG model by number to see what specific driver may be needed. The link:

Still Not Acquiring the Device?

If you’ve already installed the appropriate LG driver for a device and still cannot get BlackLight or Mobilyze to detect the device, try a different connection mode. For instance, we have seen an LG G2 phone that has to be placed in Internet – Ethernet mode to work, not MTP mode. Unfortunately, LG phones – and in fact, all Android smartphones – can differ considerably from one model to the next, so there is not a one-size-fits-all answer for which connection mode to choose.


Still Need Help?

Reach out to us at if you’re still experiencing problems getting one of our tools to recognize a device. We’re here to help!

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