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Mac E-Discovery in a Windows World: Apples to Apples?

with Maureen O’Neill
I recently collaborated on a blog entitled “Mac E-Discovery in a Windows World: Apples to Apples?” with Discover Ready’s Senior Vice President, Employment Law Practice Group, Maureen O’Neill.
Corporate C-level employees, engineering groups, and sales teams are embracing Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices as their business technology of choice now more than ever. As such, the need for Mac, iPhone and iPad forensic analysis and e-discovery solutions is also increasing.
In September of this year, BlackBag published a white paper entitled “Mac Forensics: The Case for Native Analysis.”  Our collaborative blog with Discover Ready marks a continuation of this conversation.
Many thanks to Maureen and Discover Ready for working with us on this! You can read the  blog in full on Discover Ready’s website by clicking here or by following this link:

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