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Support for Latest iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Mobilyze 2017 R1.1 is now available with new features and improvements that support the latest phones and operating systems, including iPhone 8 and devices running iOS 11, or Android 8.0 (Oreo).
Designed for ease of use, Mobilyze allows Examiners of all technical competencies to acquire, view and preserve data held on an Android or iOS device and make informed decisions.
The new features of Mobilyze 2017 R1.1 include:

  • Collection and analysis of devices running iOS 11
  • Collection and analysis of devices running Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • iPhone 8 identified for full collection and analysis
  • Users are now prompted for passwords for iOS 11 Encrypted backups and MDM Profiles to complete the collection
  • Updated support for WhatsApp
  • Expanded Emoji support, including from the latest iOS 11.1 release

Collection and analysis of iOS 11

With Mobilyze 2017 R1.1 installed on a Windows or Mac examination system, Examiners are able to identify and conduct a full data collection of devices running iOS 11.

Full device collection from iOS 11

Collection and analysis of Android 8.0 (Oreo)

Google’s new Android 8.0 (Oreo) was released in August 2017 and is now being shipped with several new Android-based phones. Just like with other versions of Android, Examiners with Mobilyze 2017 R1.1 installed on a Windows or Mac examination system can identify and conduct a full or limited data collection of these devices

Full or logical collection of Android 8 device

Collection and analysis of iPhone 8

Mobilyze will now identify all iPhone 8 models when the device is connected to either a Mac or Windows examination system. Examiners can then obtain a full data collection that can be used for further analysis.

iOS 11 Encrypted backups and MDM Profiles

Mobilyze will now acquire and parse data from iOS 11 devices that are set to encrypt backups when iOS 11 is installed. To read this data from the device, the examiner will need to enter the encrypted backup password when prompted by Mobilyze; otherwise, only a limited data will be available.
Mobilyze will also acquire and parse data on a device running iOS 11 with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile after the appropriate password has been entered.
Examiners should note that the password for an iTunes encrypted backup can be different than the mobile device password. Mobilyze supports an encrypted backup password that can be set when the device is connected to iTunes.

Prompting for encrypted backup password

Updated WhatsApp support

With the increasing usage and popularity of messenger apps, like WhatsApp, we recognize the importance of supporting version updates as quickly as possible.  With this latest release of Mobilyze, we’ve updated support for the additional locations where WhatsApp data may be stored, and now parse these messages in the easy to use ‘Comm’ view.

Updated Emoji support

As the Unicode emoji character set expands, additional images sets and options are available.  With the latest release, Mobilyze users will be able to view these emojis within the application and include them in the report.

Updated emoji support in messages and reports

Learn more about Mobilyze

To learn more about Mobilyze, check out our comprehensive Mobilyze Tool Training (MTT). This is a FREE two-hour course available in both a self-paced online format and a classroom format taught by our expert instructors.  The MTT features a hands-on curriculum that helps students feel confident in using the software right away. After completing the course, investigators can earn the Certified Mobilyze Operator (CMO) designation by passing a Mobilyze-specific proficiency test.

Your feedback fuels the design

BlackBag strives to keep up with the ever-changing needs or our users, and to provide them the solutions they need to overcome the challenges they face every day. As we continue to grow and perfect new features and functionality within Mobilyze, we need you to continue to provide the insightful feedback that has allowed us to develop the tool we are proud to offer today. If you would like to submit feedback or suggestions please contact us through our product feedback form.

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