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What Time is It? Time Zone Updates in Mobilyze

Mobilyze 2018 R2 includes time zone updates and more

Mobilyze makes triaging mobile devices easy with an interface that lets you go straight from acquisition to a well-formatted report.  Sometimes small adjustments need to be made though before reporting, like when the device is set to a different time zone.  BlackBag’s latest release includes the ability to update timezones as well as features geared to make investigators lives easier.  We are locating more information and now run as a true 64-bit application.  For more details or to see some of the new features in action, continue reading below.

iOS 12.0 Support

Apple’s fall OS update for iOS 12.0 has been released and Mobilyze now supports gathering call history, messages, and additional user data.  In addition, with this Mobilyze release, we now can view Safari Open Pages.

Open Pages from Safari Browser on iOS device

Time Zone settings

Mobilyze now offers users an easy way to set a time zone for a device.  By default, Mobilyze will use the time zone the examiner machine is set to.  On the Device view, users can adjust which time zone they want the times for the device to display and show in the report.

Display Time Zone Option

On the Device view, users can now adjust the Display Time Zone option

Improved Group Message and MMS support

Mobile devices with the Android OS are able to choose how to store text messages independently.  In addition to text applications, messages between groups of users are stored in different areas for Samsung devices than on say LG devices.  Mobilyze now supports parsing from additional locations for message data in the latest release.

When reviewing messages users can choose to see the conversation in List View or Conversation View.

Samsung Group Message List view

Group Message on a Samsung device in List View

Samsung device group message Conversation view

Group message in conversation view from Samsung device

64-bit Application

As computers have added resources, including large memory capabilities, the operating system has needed the ability to take advantage of those resources.  Most systems are now 64 bit, and when combined with 64-bit applications users can best take advantage of these resources.  Mobilyze now ships as a 64-bit application only.

Learn more on how Mobilyze can help

Gathering data efficiently in cases with reluctant witnesses assists with further investigations. Check out this case scenario to see why this scared victim may never have attended a police station. By using Mobilyze, investigators gathered sensitive data quickly and discretely assisted officers in developing a case against the human trafficker.

Ashley Hernandez