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Using BlackLight with F-Response’s Universal/Now

Direct physical access to evidentiary devices is not always feasible, if possible at all. It can require travel and time that examiners simply do not have at their disposal in cases with tight turnarounds. To address this reality, F-Response has developed products facilitating remote access to systems, a boon to many forensic analysis and eDiscovery investigators.

As F-Response explains, the product F-Response Universal is an onsite tool allowing read-only access to remote devices “virtually anywhere in your network,” while F-Response Now is a Cloud service version affording access to remote systems “virtually anywhere in the world.” F-Response describes the access via their cloud-based tool as “near instant.” With either product, Now or Universal, examiners can access devices running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems.

And here’s perhaps the most interesting part: F-Response’s products can be used in conjunction with BlackLight. As F-Response recently added native examiner functionality for Mac OS X, we have worked with them to ensure BlackLight can be used with their products. Indeed, disks, volumes, and memory files accessed remotely via F-Response tools can be opened and examined in BlackLight.

While F-Response worked together with BlackBag on testing Mac OS X functionality, it is not to be forgotten that BlackLight is far from being a Mac-only tool. Rather, examiners can use BlackLight as a highly capable primary analysis tool to perform comprehensive analysis on all four major platforms: Windows, Android, iPhone/iOS and Mac OS X.

Thanks to F-Response, examiners have the valuable option of expanding their investigative reach via remote access, and it’s our pleasure in saying that F-Response’s Universal and Now products can be used in union with BlackLight.

For more information on F-Response’s tools, visit their website. If you’re not already using BlackLight, visit our product page for it, where you can read more and request a trial. Then register for a seat in one of our upcoming BlackLight Tool Training classes and learn how to get the most out of BlackLight in your casework.

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