CBE Logo Usage Information

Certified BlackLight Examiner (CBE) Logo Usage

Upon successful certification completion, a CBE candidate receives permission to display the CBE logo. To maintain the CBE designation quality and integrity standard, certified CBE certified professionals shall adhere to these and other logo and branding guidelines outlined below at all times, and remain mindful that when a certified professional displays CBE branding materials, they are in essence representing BlackBag Technologies, Inc.

  • BlackBag will provide CBE certification holders with authorized logo and branding materials for their website
  • CBE logo and branding materials shall be made available only to individuals holding a current CBE certification and only in accordance with the guidelines outlined herein
  • BlackBag reserves the right to withdraw permission to use and display CBE branding materials at any time
  • Permission to use and display the CBE logo is granted only for CBE logo and branding materials and not for any other BlackBag intellectual property assets
  • CBE certified professionals shall not include the CBE marketing materials in business promotions containing controversial topics or opinions
  • CBE certified professionals shall display CBE branding materials only in contextually appropriate business environments
  • All printed print media containing CBE marketing materials shall be printed clearly at a high resolution

For more information, please feel free to contact certification@blackbagtech.com.