CMO Logo Usage Information

Certified Mobilyze Operator (CMO) Logo Usage

Upon successful certification completion, a CMO candidate receives permission to display the CMO logo. To maintain the CMO designation quality and integrity standard, CMO-certified professionals shall adhere to these and other logo and branding guidelines outlined below at all times, and remain mindful that when a certified professional displays CMO branding materials, he or she is in essence representing BlackBag Technologies, Inc.

  • BlackBag will provide CMO certification holders with authorized logo and branding materials for their website
  • CMO logo and branding materials shall be made available only to individuals holding a current CMO certification and only in accordance with the guidelines outlined herein
  • BlackBag reserves the right to withdraw permission to use and display CMO branding materials at any time
  • Permission to use and display the CMO logo is granted only for CMO logo and branding materials, and not for any other BlackBag intellectual property assets
  • CMO certified professionals shall not include the CMO marketing materials in business promotions containing controversial topics or opinions
  • CMO certified professionals shall display CMO branding materials only in contextually appropriate business environments
  • All printed print media containing CMO marketing materials shall be printed clearly at a high resolution

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