BlackBag Technologies On-Site Facility Questionnaire

Contact Name:* Street Address:* Suite / Floor / Room: Phone Number:* Title: Is your shipping address the same as the address you provided above? If not, please enter your shipping address in the text box below. Are there any additional shipping restrictions or requirements? (Packages cannot arrive before or after a certain date, shipments must be sent via a specific carrier, etc.) Room Capacity:* Room Type:* Will the room be available for setup the day prior to the event, including Sundays?* YES NO Will you be providing Mac computers for each attendee (training courses
and labs only)?*
YES NO Event Type:* Student Type:*

Facility Information:

Event Dates:* City and State:* Setup Contact Info:* Host Agency/Company Name:* ZIP Code:* Will the course be held in a public meeting space (conference center, community center, etc)?*
- If so, can the room be reserved SOLELY for the course from the day prior to the event through the end of the course (approximately 48 hrs)?*