Deciding which training course is right for you can be difficult, so we've designed the following exam to assist in the placement process. If you feel the need to cheat, don't! This is only a placement aid, to help us determine the best class for you based upon your knowledge level.

This exam consists of questions based on material from each course level, the results of which will help us suggest the class that best fits your needs. These results will be emailed to our Training Coordinator, who will contact you to discuss your placement options, along with any questions or concerns you may have. Please keep in mind that our recommendations are based on your exam results.

The exam is timed, with 15 minutes allotted for completion. Should you be unsure of a answer, we suggest skipping that particular question and coming back at a later time. Select the "Start Exam" button to begin your exam.

BlackBag Training Placement Exam