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BlackBag provides law enforcement with image recognition technology to help investigate child abuse cases

The features BlackBag has incorporated into BlackLight 2019 R2 provide law enforcement agencies with AI based image recognition technology to assist with child abuse investigations

San Jose, CA – September 19, 2019 – The significant advances in neural networks and AI based computer recognition allows machines to accurately recognize and classify the content of digital images and videos. BlackBag is now using artificial intelligence to help in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

The CSAM detection module is the latest feature to be delivered as a result of the recently announced technology partnership between Image Analyzer and BlackBag Technologies. Image Analyzer developed the technology as part of their Visual Threat Intelligence solution in partnership with law enforcement.

While law enforcement has used checksum database technology in the past to detect known CSAM images, the new AI based CSAM detection module is capable of detecting previously unseen material, which is unknown to law enforcement. This allows investigators to quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims.

The task of identifying illicit images and videos in a criminal investigation can be a very time-consuming process and is often like looking for a needle in a haystack.  A single case can contain thousands or millions of images and videos, most of which are not relevant to the investigation. Even when reviewing images in a convenient thumbnail gallery a human can only moderate a few thousand images per hour. For this reason, cases requiring image review are very time consuming and resource intensive.

BlackBag Technologies new CSAM module allows investigators to use computer vision AI to sort images based on risk, significantly reducing the time to discover critical evidence.

Speaking on the integration of the new feature in Blacklight Ben Charnota, Chief Customer Officer at BlackBag, commented, “as we’ve begun rolling out this new category to agencies here in the United States, we are encouraged by how satisfied they are with the accuracy of the results.  The ability to correctly categorize thousands upon thousands of images with this critical category saves countless hours of human examiner time. By prioritizing pictures and videos most likely to contain CSAM content to the top of our media view examiners can more quickly identify contraband.

The new feature is now available to all BlackBag customers within Blacklight.

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About Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer is a UK based artificial intelligence company that specializes in visual threat recognition. Image Analyzer develops the AI powered IAViS technology, designed to recognize visual threats such as adult material, extremism and graphic violence. The company provides its technology through an OEM only channel of over 30 leading IT Security vendors, as an integrated component in their product offerings in email filtering, web filtering, E-forensics, content moderation, brand protection and parental controls. Image Analyzer holds a number of patents in its technology space.

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