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BlackBag’s CoreStorage Workshop Receives Highest Ranking

In September 2016, we sponsored & attended DataExpert’s annual Digital Experience conference. The event provided knowledge, tools, and networking in the fields of Digital Forensics, Crime Analysis, Cybercrime, Incident Response and/or Data Intelligence and Analysis. DataExpert strives to provide a high standard conference by providing the latest technologies and tools, but also pertinent information to help with casework and investigations. Therefore, they have attendees evaluate all presentations and workshops. BlackBag is excited to announce, out of twenty-one presentations and workshops, BlackBag’s workshop received the highest ranking among attendees.
Stuart Hutchinson, VP of Global Operations, provided a workshop entitled, “Understanding CoreStorage – Apple’s Logical Volume Management System.” In the workshop attendees learned the concepts behind CoreStorage as they explored CoreStorage from the command line, as well as, understand how CoreStorage works in OS X El Capitan and the new Mac OS. The workshop also covered the volume structure and organization of logical volumes, families, groups, and more. Finally, attendees walked away with an understanding of where CoreStorage is today, and where it likely is going in the future.

At BlackBag®, we strive to break down the technological barriers that keep law enforcement from successfully processing digital evidence. We are committed to provide trainings throughout the world to empower investigators and analysts to be the best in their field. Just this month our Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Derrick Donnelly, attended the Dutch Cybercrime and HTCIA Asia Pacific Conferences. At each of these conferences Derrick provided training on Windows memory and Mac FSevents analysis.

Empower your agency by attending one of our upcoming sponsored conferences. If you can’t make it to one of the conferences, attend a training course in your area, or contact us below to arrange personalized training.

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