Gain immediate access to forensic evidence. With over 4 billion smart devices on the planet, mobile digital data is a critical part of every investigation. Mobilyze allows investigators to acquire, view and preserve the data held on any iOS or Android device.


Easy to Use Interface

Simplify your investigations
  • Support for Apple’s mobile devices with iOS 12.0
  • Ability to set timezone display
  • Improved support for Android group message on Samsung devices
  • Mobilyze is now a 64-bit application
  • User-friendly, with minimal training required to use Mobilyze in the field
  • Simply plug the iOS or Android device into the system’s USB port running Mobilyze, and immediately start acquiring data
  • Perform logical acquisitions, allowing investigators to acquire a full or limited data collection in real time
  • Examine data through various categories, filters, searches and views
  • Securely preserve all relevant user data in a forensically sound manner


Choose Collection Options
and Quickly Acquire Data
  • View data in real time during the device acquisition
  • Unplug the device at any time, preserving all acquired data
  • Get an immediate snapshot of key user info from the device
  • Select the order in which third party application data is collected
  • Even with a locked iPhone/iPad, the model number, device name and iOS software version are displayed

Read our Mobilyze Quick Start Guide here.


Locate Evidence of Interest
in Clear, Organized Views
  • Easily navigate between views (Communications, Media, Locations, Apps, Internet and Productivity)
  • View all messages (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) in a native format or an indexed list
  • Filter any data set by keyword and/or date/time
  • View files with geolocation data alongside the built-in Google Maps GPS pane
  • Integrates with BlackLight


Customize Your Report
  • Identify and tag collected data, even while it is still being acquired
  • Tailor the elegant report to either include all data, or just tagged evidence
  • Quickly export to HTML or PDF

Compatibility & Requirements

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