Case Scenarios

Homicide Investigation

Following a fatal shooting at a party, homicide investigators use Mobilyze to discover the identity of a potential assailant. They access images from a mobile phone at the scene and gather vital intelligence on a person of interest in the critical initial stages of their investigation.

Human Trafficking Investigation

Gathering data efficiently in cases with reluctant witnesses assists with further investigations. In this case, the scared victim may never have attended a police station. By using Mobilyze, investigators gathered sensitive data quickly and discretely assisted officers in developing a case against the human trafficker.

Drug Investigation

Police have been conducting a long-term investigation into the trafficking of heroin in their community. When the break they need comes, investigators are able to use Mobilyze to gain vital intelligence, safeguard a witness, and gather forensically sound evidence to act upon.

Burglary Investigation

After the arrest of a suspect in an attempted burglary, investigators use Mobilyze to ascertain the suspect’s movements on the dates and times of other burglaries in the area. Through check-ins and geolocation data, forensically sound evidence is discovered.

Terrorism Investigation

With the rise of mobile data and the increasing burden on high-tech units, a European Inspector General had commissioned all frontline officers to be trained in and licensed to use Mobilyze.