Case Scenarios


On the evening of April 1, 2014, officers and detectives from a California law enforcement agency respond to a grisly murder scene. In a quiet neighborhood, a nursing program professor at the local community college, was found brutally stabbed to death in the home she shared with her husband, a physician in a nearby county. The 74-year old female victim was also part of a research team that was a recipient of a Nobel Prize.

Columbia, Maryland Mall Shooting

On January 25, 2014, at approximately 11:14 am, 19-year-old Darion Aguilar exited a dressing room at the Zumiez store armed with a shotgun and began shooting at The Mall in Columbia located in the Baltimore, Maryland suburbs. Before ultimately killing himself, he killed two young victims and injured five other innocent people.

Child Exploitation: Grooming & Solicitation

Following an allegation about the potential grooming of a 15-year girl by an athletics coach, ICAC Task Force Officers examined the potential victim’s mobile phone at her home. With minimal intrusion, the officers quickly discovered key pieces of evidence to back up the allegation.

Child Exploitation: Sexting

A teenage girl is pressured by her boyfriend to exchange nude photos, which are then shared among her peers. Local law enforcement officers trained on Mobilyze are able to prove sexting among minors quickly and with minimal intrusion.

Child Exploitation: Convicted Sex Offender

With minimal digital forensics training, officers instantly acquire, view and examine mobile data in the field and quickly discover that a convicted sex offender is in breach of his parole conditions.

Child Exploitation: Sexual Abuse Investigation

A School Resource Officer uses Mobilyze at a school to discretely discover and preserve evidence of child sexual abuse occurring in a student’s home.

Child Exploitation: Internet Predator

A local ICAC Task Force use Mobilyze during the execution of a search warrant on a suspected child predator. They are able to obtain timely forensic data that may have been delayed or lost waiting for analysis by a regional forensic lab.

Homicide Investigation

Following a fatal shooting at a party, homicide investigators use Mobilyze to discover the identity of a potential assailant. They access images from a mobile phone at the scene and gather vital intelligence on a person of interest in the critical initial stages of their investigation.

Human Trafficking Investigation

Gathering data efficiently in cases with reluctant witnesses assists with further investigations. In this case, the scared victim may never have attended a police station. By using Mobilyze, investigators gathered sensitive data quickly and discretely assisted officers in developing a case against the human trafficker.

Drug Investigation

Police have been conducting a long-term investigation into the trafficking of heroin in their community. Investigators are able to use Mobilyze to gain vital intelligence, safeguard a witness, and gather forensically sound evidence to act upon.

Burglary Investigation

After the arrest of a suspect in an attempted burglary, investigators use Mobilyze to ascertain the suspect’s movements on the dates and times of other burglaries in the area. Through check-ins and geolocation data, forensically sound evidence is discovered.