Manager Accused of Sending Inappropriate Data to Employee

Pictures and Messages Sent to Corporate Issued iPhone

An employee has talked to Human Resources (HR) and accused a manager of sending inappropriate text messages and pictures to her corporate issued iPhone.  The HR team acted quickly and reached out to Information Technology (IT) to gather an image of the cell phone and asks for all the messages and images for the last six months.  The employee who filed the complaint unlocks the phone and the IT team does a complete image of the phone using Mobilyze.  A report is generated with Mobilyze, limiting the information contained in the report to a specified date range and including all text messages and pictures found within the date range.  The report is sent to HR.  Based on the information in the report, the HR manager has grounds for terminating the manager.  The evidence extracted from the phone is preserved in case of litigation.  The quick and easy reporting features available in Mobilyze allowed the HR team to wrap up the matter quickly.

Mobilyze allowed the generation of a report that contained information to confirm an employee was being harassed.

HR Director

Main Takeaways:

  • Mobilyze was used to acquire information from a company owned iPhone.
  • The filter and reporting features allowed IT to generate a report that focused on the time period of interest.
  • Human Resources was provided with enough information to terminate the manager.
  • The information used as grounds for termination was preserved in case of litigation.

Quick Facts


Acquisition of mobile phone and report generation for information in a specified time range.

Problem Solved:

Information was needed to confirm an employee’s claim that a manager was sending inappropriate messages and pictures.

Solution Provided:

Acquisition of employee issued iPhone and report generation of data in a specified time range.

Overall Results:

The data provided in the report generated by Mobilyze, from the acquisition of the iPhone, revealed messages and pictures sent in the time period of interest.

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