Five Child Exploitation Cases

Officers Use Mobilyze for Immediate Data Collection

A 12-year-old girl was spending a lot of time after school in online chat rooms and met someone claiming to also be a “teenage girl.”  They become good friends and their conversations move from the online chat rooms to the messaging app, Kik.  Her parents, who monitor her smartphone and iPad activity, are curious about this new friend they have never met.  They are especially concerned when they see messages from the “teenage girl” asking their daughter to meet at their local park without telling her parents.

The parents contact local law enforcement and provide them with the Kik messages.  The messages are given to the ICAC Task Force.  The message contents match a current suspected child predator in an active case they are currently working.  The ICAC Task Force serves a warrant on the suspect’s home.  At the home, an unlocked Android smartphone belonging to the suspect is found.

Task Force officers have been trained and certified to use Mobilyze.  One of the officers securely acquires the Android.  During the live acquisition, Mobilyze allows the officer to view messages, photos, geolocations, and other items of evidentiary value.  While reviewing messages sent via Kik, the messages sent to the 12-year-old girl requesting the meeting alone in park are located.

Using Mobilyze, the ICAC Task Force preserved incriminating evidence.  The phone was unlocked when it was found at the scene.  If it had been collected for later processing, the device would have locked, possibly preventing acquisition.  Without the need for in-depth training, the officers quickly gained vital intelligence in their case against a suspected child predator.

Mobilyze’s easy to use graphical interface provides investigators and child protection specialists a reliable, powerful, and forensically sound tool to efficiently gather data.

Digital Investigator, ICAC Task Force

Main Takeaways:

  • When a 12-year-old girl was encouraged by her online friend to meet at a local park without telling her parents and the message contents match that of child predator in the area, ICAC Task Force officers who find an unlocked Android when serving the search warrant immediately acquire the device with Mobilyze.
  • When sexual abuse was reported by a school counselor, Investigators were able to acquire the phone of a young boy, whose step-father was responsible for the abuse, at the school without making the step-father aware.
  • When a paroled convicted sex offender is found at a playground where parents have reported someone taking photos and videos of children, Officers triage and acquire his phone with Mobilyze, immediately proving parole violations.
  • When a teenage girl refuses to go to the local police station after her boyfriend shared nude pictures and videos she sent, Officers acquire the data on her iPhone at her house finding the evidence of ‘sexting and the illegal exchange of nude photos with minor.
  • Officers set a meeting with a potential 15-year-old victim and her parents at their home after a coach at an athletics clubs seen texting inappropriate messages to her. Her Android smartphone is triaged at her home, showing evidence pertaining to grooming and solicitation.

Quick Facts


Officers can be trained to use Mobilyze by completing the 90-minute certified training online, allowing them to collect and analyze mobile device data in any setting.


Problem Solved:

Using Mobilyze to collect information on mobile devices in any setting.

Solution Provided:

Many circumstances, especially when children are involved, require immediate collection of mobile devices.

Overall Results:

Front-line officers and investigators, trained to use Mobilyze, collect and analyze data immediately, regardless of the location.

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