Geolocation Identifies Burglar

Trained Detectives Access Android Data

After a string of burglaries, a suspect was apprehended at a house during an attempted burglary in a metropolitan Australian city.  At the time of his arrest, the suspect had a mobile phone in his possession.  The phone was secured by first responders and taken to the police station for examination.

Based on similarities between the attempted burglary and the other burglaries in the area, investigators suspect the man arrested is also responsible for the other burglaries.  The department had a high-tech unit specializing in digital device analysis with a 3-month backlog for examination.  The department also had Mobilyze, simple, user-friendly mobile device acquisition and analysis software which investigators have been trained to use.  Investigators are able to use Mobilyze to acquire the suspect’s Android mobile device without requesting assistance from their high-tech unit.

A full data collection is performed with Mobilyze and the mobile digital is examined.  As the addresses of the previous burglaries are known, data containing geolocation data is focused on.  Specifically, FourSquare Swarm data is filtered and searched.  Using the Built-in Google Maps GPS in Mobilyze, investigators quickly compile data showing a timeline of the suspect’s movements.  Date and time stamped data show the mobile device in location close to the previous burglaries.

Investigators in this case with limited training and minimal digital forensics experience were able to use Mobilyze to quickly acquire critical mobile evidence.  Mobilyze was also used to analyze the evidence, tag relevant data, and generate a report.  The suspect was then questioned regarding the other burglaries based on the timeline of geolocation data located on his mobile device.

Mobilyze provided immediate access to the phone and potential evidence, saved the collected data, and allowed investigators to return the device to the owner immediately.

Investigator, Australian High-Tech Crime Unit

Main Takeaways:

  • After a string of burglaries, a suspect is apprehended during an attempted burglary with similarities to the other crimes.
  • The suspect’s Android mobile phone seized at the time of arrest is acquired and analyzed with Mobilyze by Investigators.
  • Date and time stamped geolocation data places the mobile phone in the area of the other burglaries.
  • Using Mobilyze, detectives did not have to wait for the high-tech unit to continue their investigation.

Quick Facts


Acquiring data from a device on-scene with Mobilyze.


Problem Solved:

On-scene acquisition of an iPhone provided quick Investigative Leads Generation

Solution Provided:

Acquisition of iPhone locating immediate investigative leads

Overall Results:

Effective investigative leads located person of interest in homicide investigation.

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