Undercover Investigators Gather Intel

Protecting the Informant

Police were conducting a long-term investigation into the trafficking of heroin in their community.  Countless hours were spent surveilling several locations and interviewing people.  Despite all of these efforts, they were no closer to determining the source of drugs in their community.

One night, investigators receive a call that changes everything.  An agitated male caller requests a meeting with officers.  Later that evening, undercover officers meet the caller in a downtown location.  He tells the officers he believes he knows the location of a home containing a large amount of heroin.  He knows about the house from a friend he had been texting.  The friend told him he had been in the house and had seen the drugs.

The officers would like to He is unwilling to give his cell phone to the police; he’s worried that he will be targeted since he has given the officers information about the whereabouts of the drugs.  Concerned about his safety, he plans to leave town.

The two investigators had been trained to use Mobilyze.  After gathering pertinent information about the male’s phone, and obtaining his consent, they attached his cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy S5) to their computer and acquire the data.

Once the acquisition completed, the quickly find the series of text messages, tag them, and generate a report.

The ability to gather data quickly, without the need for specialized equipment, allowed the officers to gain vital intelligence, safeguard the informant, and gather forensically sound evidence to act upon.  All of this occurred in the field without the need for in-depth training, specialist investigators, or relying upon over taxed colleagues in the high-tech unit.

With Mobilyze officers gained vital intelligence, safeguarded the informant, and gathered forensically sound evidence to act upon.

Detective with a California Police Department

Main Takeaways:

  • A long-term investigation into heroin trafficking consuming countless investigative hours was stagnated.
  • A call from the potential informant results in the immediate coordination of a downtown meeting with undercover officers and the informant.
  • The informant had information received via text message about a house where large quantities of heroin were stored.
  • The informant, fearful for his own safety was leaving town. The undercover officers immediately used Mobilyze to acquire the data from the informant’s phone.

Quick Facts


Acquiring data from informant’s Android device during meeting with Undercover Officers.


Problem Solved:

Undercover officers able to collect data from Android quickly without specialized tools.

Solution Provided:

In-field acquisition of Android to corroborate investigative leads provided by informant.

Overall Results:

Officers trained to use Mobilyze gained vital intelligence, safeguarded the informant, and gathered forensically sound evidence to act upon.

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