BlackLight License Renewal
Each new BlackLight® license purchase includes one-year Software Maintenance Support (SMS). During Software Maintenance Support, you will have full access to all BlackLight® software updates and technical support. Be sure to renew your BlackLight® to extend SMS annually and continue receiving product updates and support.

Subscription Renewal


After you renew your license with BlackBag, updating the license expiration date on your dongle is easy. Download and install the License Manager tool from our Software Downloads.

  • Launch the License Manager tool.
  • Connect the dongle you would like to renew.
  • Click on the Check button in the License Manager, to check for an updated renewal license.
  •                 -If a license renewal was purchased for the selected dongle ID, the expiration date will be updated and a successful message will display.
                    -If you receive a message that no renewal was found, please verify with your renewal was complete, and they have the correct dongle ID listed in the License Manager.
  • You may choose to quit the License Manager when you are finished.
  • Your dongle is now updated and ready for you to use your BlackBag software!



You can find your Dongle ID in the software's Help menu or by running the License Manager application. If your product is not licensed with a dongle or you have lost your dongle, please contact You may add several renewals to the cart before check out or contact sales for larger renewal contracts.