Our Computer Forensic Software for forensic consultants enables you to respond to incidents
with comprehensive, easy to use tools to solve each client’s unique needs.

Resolving Incidents

Litigation Consultants (eDiscovery)

BlackBag tools provide solutions suitable across the spectrum of eDiscovery activities. High power filtering and searching features can be used for identification, acquisition tools for collection, and reporting and exporting options supported by legal review tools, make our solution a natural fit to your eDiscovery practice.

Forensic Consultants

Whatever type of case you are working, criminal litigation consulting or civil, from personal matters to corporate security, our solutions allow you to find the data you are look for and provide reports clients can understand. Our solutions cover the devices you see every day, from iOS to Windows machines, at a price that meets you and your client’s budget.

Products for Consultants

Independent Consultants around the world commonly rely on these products


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Proven forensic imaging
software for Mac OS X.


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Quickly Identify Attached Hardware Devices


Malicious Code on a Server with Customer Data

A consultant is hired by a fortune 500 company that detected a malicious executable on a production server that stores customer data. The company is unsure how the malicious executable got on the server, or what data the executable may have been exposed. The company restored a six-month old backup, without the malicious executable, and the production database to a clean system prior to calling in the consultant in.

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