From security threats to HR complaints, our forensic software for corporations enables your internal investigators, IT Security personnel and Incident Response Team to uncover the data you need. to uncover the data you need to protect your organization.

Defending Your Organization

Internal Investigators

Quickly locate pertinent data for various internal investigations including personnel, Human Resources, Intellectual Property Theft, and workplace harassment. BlackBag products provide easy access to high value data.

IT Security

IT Security professionals face increasing threats to digital assets. BlackBag tools assist in the identification of ransomware, viruses and spyware on compromised systems.

Incident Response Consultants

Our solutions provide triaging capabilities to identify compromised systems and straightforward analysis of compromised systems including system logs and memory analysis.

Products for Corporations

Organizations around the world commonly rely on these products


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Proven forensic imaging
software for Mac OS X.


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Quickly Identify Attached Hardware Devices


Intellectual Property Theft

A corporation has an employee quit from the engineering to go work for a competitor. Part of the employee exit process requires the Information Technology (IT) department acquire an image of the employee’s computer. After a year, the competitor launches functionality eerily similar to patented functionality the organization had been working on for the last three years. A patent infringement case ensues, and the organization goes back to review exactly what portion of the project the employee who left to for the competitor worked on.

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