Federal Agency

Time is of the essence when working investigations that impact national security.
Whether exposing insider threats, identifying narcotics operations or collecting counter
intelligence. BlackBag’s Computer Forensic Software for federal agencies enables you
to extract actionable intelligence quickly.

Ensure a Safer World

Forensic Examiner

Locating relevant data and presenting the facts requires comprehensive forensic tools.  BlackBag products provide easy access to high value data, filter and searching mechanisms, and extensive reporting features.

Case Officer

Our solutions generate reports that are easy to read, providing the information needed to make decisions regarding data located on digital media.

Products for Federal Agencies

Government organizations around the world commonly rely on these products


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Proven forensic imaging
software for Mac OS X.


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Quickly Identify Attached Hardware Devices


Stopping Child Sexual Abuse Material Distribution

BlackBag partnered with UNICEF to provide computer forensic training to the Jordanian Police Family Protection Department. We were proud to learn that this training provided them with the tools necessary to arrest a suspected child pornography distributor.

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