Law Enforcement

BlackBag’s Computer Forensic Software for law enforcement
enables you to to quickly show the facts and identify leads.

Illuminating the Full Picture


Quick access to investigative leads provides an edge for quick resolution. Our solutions provide easy access to high value data generating these investigative leads.

Forensic Examiner

Locating relevant data and presenting the facts requires comprehensive forensic tools. Our products provide easy access to high value data, filter and searching mechanisms, and extensive reporting features.

Field Technician

Acquiring data from digital media requires tools capable of capturing devices encountered. We are proud to provide industry leading acquisition capabilities.

Products for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement organizations around the world commonly rely on these products


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Proven forensic imaging
software for Mac OS X.


Trusted, comprehensive
forensic analysis software.


Quickly Identify Attached Hardware Devices


Building the Timeline of The Mall in Columbia Shooter

On January 25, 2014, 19-year-old Darion Aguilar exited a dressing room armed with a shotgun and began shooting at The Mall in Columbia located in the Baltimore, Maryland suburbs. Before ultimately killing himself, he killed two young victims and injured five other innocent people.

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