Advanced Apple Forensic Investigations

Date: Oct 21, 2019
Location: Singapore
Instructor: TBD
Course Status: Confirmed
Alternative Dates


This advanced course is targeted toward students who have completed Apple® Forensic Investigations; however, experienced examiners may contact our Training Department if you have not taken Apple Forensic Investigations but believe you would be comfortable in the Advanced Apple® Forensic Investigations course. We will provide you with a short placement exam to determine which course would best accommodate your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Course Description

Through hands-on learning and case-based scenarios depicting real-life issues, students will learn advanced techniques for performing detailed, in-depth analysis of operating and file system data artifacts on macOS and iOS devices. Taught by experts in the field, this course will take students through integral macOS and iOS device areas at a low level. A comprehensive look at macOS and iOS operating systems, HFS+ and APFS file systems, accounts, encryption and application data are covered with an interactive, hands-on learning method.


Course Length: 5 days
Course Credit: 36 hours

Course Objectives

Upon concluding this course, students will have reviewed up to three different case scenarios covering analysis methodologies with the instructor. The class culminates with a comprehensive written and practical assessment of knowledge gained. With a working, hands-on approach, using relevant, contemporary data covering current issues and solutions, students will gain a strong understanding of macOS and iOS artifacts and the confidence with which to conduct accurate and comprehensive examinations.


Attendees should have above-average computer skills and should have attended Apple Forensic Investigations or its equivalent. This course is for seasoned analysts who are comfortable with multiple operating systems, multiple device environments, and certain specific areas of interest defined in the first class. Those who have not received equivalent training may not possess the necessary knowledge base needed to successfully complete this course.


$3,300 USD Government / Private Sector