Mac and iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE)

What is the Macintosh & iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE) certification?

The BlackBag Technologies, Inc. Macintosh & iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE) designation is reserved for forensic examiners who demonstrate a high level of competency through the successful completion of three separate certification exams. MiCFE candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements before sitting for the exams. Qualified candidates shall successfully complete a knowledge assessment, written exam, and practical exam under the close supervision of BlackBag’s highly skilled and experienced Macintosh and iOS forensic certification founders and mentors, before being awarded the MiCFE designation as illustrated below:

Certified MiCFE professionals must maintain an active Macintosh and iOS-based caseload, and complete continuing education training every three years to maintain their status as a Macintosh & iOS Certified Forensic Examiner.


BlackBag’s MiCFE certification serves to validate a Macintosh forensic examiner’s ability to successfully complete a comprehensive Macintosh forensic analysis within a limited time frame. Obtaining the MiCFE designation requires high-level Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch computer forensics proficiency. Forensic analysts holding the MiCFE distinction have demonstrated expert-level knowledge and skills in the field of Macintosh and iOS digital forensics.

BlackBag’s team of respected and experienced Macintosh and iOS forensic practitioners mentor MiCFE certification candidates throughout the examination process.

MiCFE Logo Usage

Upon successful certification completion, a MiCFE candidate receives permission to display the MiCFE logo. To maintain the MiCFE designation quality and integrity standard, certified MiCFE certified professionals shall adhere to these and other logo and branding guidelines outlined below at all times, and remain mindful that when a certified professional displays MiCFE branding materials, they are in essence representing BlackBag Technologies, Inc.

  • BlackBag will provide MiCFE certification holders with authorized logo and branding materials for their website
  • MiCFE logo and branding materials shall be made available only to individuals holding a current MiCFE certification and only in accordance with the guidelines outlined herein
  • BlackBag reserves the right to withdraw permission to use and display MiCFE branding materials at any time
  • Permission to use and display the MiCFE logo is granted only for MiCFE logo and branding materials and not for any other BlackBag intellectual property assets
  • MiCFE certified professionals shall not include the MiCFE marketing materials in business promotions containing controversial topics or opinions
  • MiCFE certified professionals shall display MiCFE branding materials only in contextually appropriate business environments
  • All printed print media containing MiCFE marketing materials shall be printed clearly at a high resolution

For more information, please feel free to contact MiCFE@blackbagtech.com


A candidate can only qualify to sit for the MiCFE exam by satisfying at least one of the following two requirements set forth by the Certification Founders:

Prior Experience
The candidate must exhibit proof of:

  • 3+ years of professional experience working on digital forensic investigations
  • 60+ hours of Mac forensic training, either from BlackBag or another established training provider

Professional Recommendation
The candidate’s supervisor, college instructor, or a current Macintosh and iOS Certified Forensic Examiner must complete and sign the MiCFE Recommendation Form on behalf of the candidate, describing in detail the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities that support his or her eligibility for the MiCFE designation.

To acquire a MiCFE Recommendation Form, candidates should send an email request to MiCFE@blackbagtech.com.

When the form is returned, two MiCFE Founders will review the Recommendation Form and verify or deny the candidate’s eligibility.

Certification Process

To earn the MiCFE designation, qualified candidates must complete the following in order: an online knowledge assessment, a written exam, and a practical exam. Exam retakes are permitted; however, a retake fee applies and in some instances a wait period is required.


Questions Delivery Method Passing Score Time Limit
Knowledge Assessment 25 Online 70% 30 minutes
The Knowledge Assessment is intended to give eligible candidates a sense for the proficiency level required for the MiCFE before committing
Written Exam 150 Online 70% Six 30-minute modules
Practical Exam N/A Hands-on 70% 180 days
Each candidate will be assigned a MiCFE Mentor to assist with the practical exam by providing guidance in developing a final examiner report to be submitted for review
Renewal Exam (Written) 150 Online 70% Six 30-minute modules
MiCFE recipients who wish to renew their certification must schedule to sit for the renewal exam before its 3-year expiration


Knowledge Assessment Written and Practical Exams Certification Renewal
Initial Fee FREE $300 $75
Retake (if necessary) FREE $30 per section

(3 sections: Mac – written, iOS- written, and
Mac & iOS – practical)




MiCFE certification holders shall renew their certification every three (3) years following the initial certification date. A MiCFE certification holder must establish renewal eligibility in one of two ways:

Casework Eligibility Path Education Eligibility Path
18 Mac Computer or iOS Device Examinations over three-year (36 month) period Continuing Education from a higher education institution
– OR – – OR –
96 hours of continuing education from a MiCFE approved vendor 96 hours of continuing education from a MiCFE approved vendor
– OR –
Digital forensics experience through research and/or related course development

Once renewal eligibility is verified, a MiCFE certification holder must pay a renewal fee and pass a written exam to complete the certification renewal process.

For more information about certification renewal fees, please Pricing above.

For more information, please feel free to contact MiCFE@blackbagtech.com.

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