BlackBag Training Courses

Whether you are just starting in digital forensics or need a deep dive on the intricacies of file systems we have you covered.

BlackBag offers digital forensic training to meet the needs of law enforcement, military and private sector examiners.

Our courses are designed to address realistic, multi-platform scenarios simulating the daily challenges of digital evidence. The training content is frequently updated to cover the latest and most relevant topics, and courses are designed for all levels of experience, offering a best-practices approach. BlackBag provides live instructor-led virtual training, in-person classroom-style training, and on-demand self-paced training.

Basic Forensic Investigations

Whether you are first learning the fundamentals forensic investigation techniques or interested in seeing BlackBag’s tools in action, this course is an excellent fit for any forensic professional who could benefit from a full scenario-based investigative tutorial, regardless of prior use of BlackBag tools. Examiners can learn through live instructor-led virtual training or in person.

Apple® Forensic Investigations

This course is composed of the essential techniques every forensic professional needs to triage and analyze macOS and iOS devices. Specially crafted by our expert instructors, this course has something for every level of forensic experience. Examiners can learn through live instructor-led virtual training or in person.

Windows® Forensic Investigations

Take your Windows forensic skills to the investigative level. This comprehensive course teaches the in-depth analysis of Windows-based evidence. Developed by our expert instructors with field experience, this course will provide you the skills to thoroughly inspect your digital evidence. Examiners can learn through live instructor-led virtual training, in-person or through self-paced online training.

Mobilyze Tool Training

Witness the power of Mobilyze, BlackBag’s mobile data collection and triage tool

This FREE two-hour course, available in both self-paced and in-classroom formats, functions perfectly as both a tutorial for Mobilyze users and an in-depth demonstration for prospective customers. Learn how to get the most out of Mobilyze in any Android or iPhone/iPad examination.

Advanced Apple® Forensic Investigations

In-Depth Digital Forensic Analysis
As the second part of our Essential Forensic Techniques series, Advanced Apple® Forensic Investigations delves into more complex analysis concepts and includes many specific data points encountered in examinations.

Curious About Certification?

BlackBag offers assessments and certifications of an examiner’s knowledge, skill and proficiency with our tools. Plus, a tool-agnostic assessment and certification process is offered which includes evidence handling along with investigative, analytical and reporting skills.

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