Basic Forensic Investigations

Work through a realistic, multi-device investigation harnessing the power of BlackLight


Stay up to date with the most current, relevant, and credible training in the industry with BlackBag’s comprehensive multi-device investigation training.

This two-day training provides examiners with an introduction to digital forensics and computer forensic investigation. Whether you are first learning the fundamentals forensic investigation techniques or interested in seeing BlackBag’s tools in action, this course is an excellent fit for any forensic professional who could benefit from a full scenario-based investigative tutorial, regardless of prior use of BlackBag tools. Attendees will learn the skills needed to be certified as a BlackLight Certified Examiner, which will enable them to implement BlackLight to complete their work.

Throughout Basic Forensic Investigations (BFI), expert trainers who have experience in the field working cases themselves, will cover the best investigations techniques and digital forensic methodologies across the following platforms (Windows, iPhone, and MacOS) in case-based, real-world scenarios.

Delivery Options

Students may attend this course through the following methods:

  • In-person classroom style training
  • Online through a live, virtual delivery of our course from your work or home. Our live virtual course features access to a virtual examination system, direct access to live instructors, and a virtual course manual.
  • Self-paced online training features access to trainings recorded by the primary course developers so you get the training directly from the source.

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This course is designed for those looking for an introduction to digital forensics and a perfect entry point for examiners who are new to BlackLight. This includes any of the following:

  • Examiners first learning forensics regardless of what tools are used for examination
  • Examiners interested in seeing BlackBag’s tools in action in real-world scenarios
  • Examiners who are already using BlackBag software and want tips and guidance on how to get the most value from the latest features
  • Examiners who are switching from using other forensic suites to BlackLight
  • Any forensic professional interested in receiving the most current, relevant, and credible training in the industry

Course Description

Over a period of two days, this course will offer a hands-on investigative approach toward learning digital forensic concepts and analysis techniques for authenticating, analyzing and reporting digital evidence found on computers and smartphone devices. We understand the difficulty examiners face when using their valuable time to take training courses, which is why BlackBag is proud to offer the most comprehensive introductory forensic course in the industry in just two days. Coursework covers practical case techniques through the use of BlackLight, a comprehensive forensic analysis tool that is designed to help investigators conduct digital forensic examinations across the following platforms (Windows, iPhone, and MacOS). Please note, prior knowledge or use of BlackLight is not required to take this course. After a brief introduction to MacQuisition, BlackBag’s imaging tool, students will perform a triage analysis of a full case using their newly acquired digital forensic skills and learn the advanced functions of BlackLight though instructor-led exercises and hands-on practical case studies.


2 Days

Course Credit: 16 hours – Course includes enrollment to take the Certified BlackLight Examiner (CBE) test at the conclusion of the course.  Self-paced online training includes 60-day access to learning modules and access to the CBE examination once the learning modules are completed.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will have a knowledge of basic digital forensic concepts and comprehensive understanding of how to use BlackLight. They will learn by applying the tool to conduct a cross-platform digital forensic examination and create a customized forensic examiner case report using the built-in reporting capabilities. The course will culminate in an opportunity to take the exam for BlackBag’s new Certified BlackLight Examiner (CBE) designation, available only through this course.

Course Requirements

No course prerequisites,

  • For In-person classroom style training, students should bring a laptop for use during the hands-on exercises, meeting the following specifications:
    1. Running MacOS 10.14 or Windows 8 or later (Windows 10 preferred), 2.8GHz Intel i7 or better, 16GB RAM or more, minimum 100GB of storage space available and 2 USB ports (adapters, if USB-C)
  • For live virtual trainings, students will be provided a remote virtual student analysis system. A computer with reliable internet is required to access it.
  • For self-paced online trainings, students will work through the lessons on their own systems from provided course materials. The hardware specifications listed above for the in-person classroom style training will apply.


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*Note: Due to value of the course, wait lists are common. Priority will be given to Law Enforcement and existing BlackBag customers.

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