Essential Forensic Techniques I: Triage and Analysis of Digital Data


True to its name, Essential Forensic Techniques I is composed of the essential techniques that every forensic professional needs. Specially crafted by our expert instructors, this course has something for every level of forensic experience.

Course Description

EFT I is the perfect way to quickly and effectively learn how to navigate the most important Mac, iPhone, iPad and PC device areas. For years, BlackBag has remained a highly reliable, go-to resource when detectives and investigators need advice regarding what to do with seized digital devices, in terms of both acquiring and analyzing evidence. The BlackBag team consistently remains abreast of the latest developments and techniques in digital forensics, and their research and experience with real-world cases act as the framework for the training courses. As a result, the example scenarios discussed in the classroom are driven by relevant data and realistic challenges. In short, BlackBag’s instructors will use their wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience with forensic examinations to help students learn all the tips and tricks needed to successfully complete their work.

This course will guide students through all the pertinent forensic strategies for finding key data within Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Windows operating systems, all while looking directly at case data.


Course Length: 5 days
Course Credit: 32 hours

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will have reviewed three different case scenarios, learning triage and analysis techniques through the instructor-led practicals. With the help of our investigative approach, students will develop a strong familiarity with iCloud, virtual machines, and plist and SQL database files for common applications. At the conclusion of the course, a written and practical assessment will evaluate each student’s comprehension of the material.


While all are welcome, strong computer skills and an understanding of basic forensic concepts (imaging, live data acquisition, and evidence handling) are highly recommended for the optimal experience in this course.


$3,300 USD Government / Private Sector

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    Essential Forensic Techniques I

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    Essential Forensic Techniques I

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