Mobile Device Forensics

Date: Jul 26, 2016
Location: San Jose, CA
Instructor: Bruce Hunter / Don Brister / Bob Petrachek / Ryan Chapin
Course Status: Confirmed
Alternative Dates


The Mobile Device Forensics class is designed for forensic examiners who wish to expand their knowledge of both Android and iOS devices. By focusing on the artifacts examiners will discover important settings, and even determine how specific media files arrived on the device.

Course Description

Over a period of three days, the Mobile Device Forensics course will offer an instructor-led, hands-on investigative approach focusing on the data available within Android and iOS devices. The course will cover the most recent hardware, operating systems, encryption models, file sharing, media analysis and SQLite queries.

The tool used in the course will be BlackLight, BlackBag’s forensic examination tool. Students will learn how to effectively use BlackLight to parse, view and analyze the data..


Course Length: 3 days
Course Credit: 24 hours

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will have reviewed no fewer than four (4) case scenarios and have a comprehensive understanding of the important data within both Android and iOS devices. Students will be able to complete a full examination of a device's data and draw fact-based conclusions related to use and ownership of the device, its settings and how data was received.


While all are welcome, strong computer skills and an understanding of basic forensic concepts are highly recommended.