Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make so many changes to the training curriculum?

More than anything, we changed our curriculum because our customers wanted us to. With sequestration and government restrictions factoring into every purchasing decision, a diverse and thorough course offering just doesn't make sense. There isn't enough time or money for all the frills and prerequisites. You told us you wanted a simple, comprehensive, and affordable training curriculum, so that's what we've provided. Our four courses and three certifications - combined with our dedicated and knowledgeable team – will give you what you need to complete your casework with accuracy and efficiency.

Is BlackLight Tool Training really free?

It really is free!

It has somehow become an industry standard to make customers pay for software AND pay more to learn how to use it. We stand firmly in opposition to that standard. We created BlackLight so that it could be used to help in forensic investigations. So, if you like our product enough to buy it, we commit to doing whatever is necessary to allow you to use it to its full potential.

Is it still free if I need the course to be on-site?

We will be dealing with these on a case-by-case basis; however, if you can provide facilities and systems, we can pretty much guarantee that we'll do it for free.

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How do these three new courses compare to the old BBT-### courses?

Here's a quick description of how they relate to the old guard:

  • BlackLight Tool Training is the evolution of BBT-320, with the addition of a little more hands-on time and a certification exam.
  • Essential Forensic Techniques I is the evolution of BBT-200 (with a little bit of BBT-100 content thrown in) with more hands-on work, but less class time.
  • Essential Forensic Techniques II is the evolution of BBT-300 (plus parts of BBT-400 and BBT-500), but it is practically-focused than its predecessor.

What do I need to do to be eligible for the prestigious MiCFE designation?

Eligibility requirements are generally explained on the MiCFE page within the Eligibility tab toward the bottom of the page.

Because of our new condensed curriculum, several courses that were historically designated as prerequisites for MiCFE candidacy (BBT-400, BBT-500, BBT-700) have been discontinued. Much of this course content has been added into our new Essential Forensic Techniques series.

Are BlackBag's courses Mac-specific?

While BlackBag earned its reputation by emerging as the prominent Mac Forensics experts, our growth over the last few years has allowed us to begin incorporating Windows technology into our software development and our training curriculum. BlackLight can now parse/analyze NTFS (Windows) and Android data, and run on Windows systems, and our courses have adapted to reflect those changes. Our customers are seeing data from all types of devices and we are committed to developing and providing solutions for every challenge that comes their way.